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Special Piston Services began in the 1970's when John Patterson, formally of Repco Research, could not buy pistons to suit his Race boat. He decided to make his own, using materials supplied from the United States of America to manufacture his own pistons local to Victoria. Many things have changed and much has been learnt along the way from working with leading touring car teams with Cosworth Sierra's and V8 Falcons through to Bate's Australian rally car team til now with the university's alternate fuels program.

Special Piston Services manufacture's high performance forged pistons using knowledge from 30 years of experience to provide the best pistons specialised for Racing, marine, vintage and motorcycles. SPS pistons suite many applications. We focus on maintaining and continuing to provide the highest quality pistons in Austalia. All pistons are made to our customer's requirements and needs. For over 30 years we have always strived to continually develop and maintain our high quality and workmanship. Combined with our highly skilled engineers, hi-tech CNC machinery and many years of experience and knowledge in this field, our pistons are second to none manufactured in Australia.